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Beautiful, stunning, a feast for the soul
Great pics ! Please get in contact if you'd like to arrange some links with the "artists and photographers" section of http://www.yorkshire-dales.com
Excellent site
Lovely pics. When's your next walk? XX
Pictures are beautiful Joan (Beth FR)
Lovely photos, once again, but I've never seen the cave with Christmas decorations in it! Did you see Santa arrive?
This is true beauty to me, thanks Joan
Absolutely beautiful joan why not put some of your poems on with them they are as inspiring as your photos. enjoyed that thank you x
Truly lovely scenery Joan,..well done..it makes me feel i ought to get my rucsack back on .a.s.a..p..
A lovely walk around Malham but I had forgotten all about the coins for the fairies!
I loved the dramatic October sky in your Flasby Fell collection but would love to know how you always manage to choose a day to walk when the weather is favourable! Perhaps your ruck sack dolly doesn't want to get wet!
Nice pics mum and dad :-) i see you managed to get the oil tanker in! (probably full of red diesel!)

Tourist Board job anyone?

I think you should send all these off to the Yorkshire Tourist Board when it is complete, superb photography!
beautiful pics joan
Oh JOAN!!!! was gasping at the beauty and vastness of it all!! and that was only Pen-y-ghent!!
Will be back to view the others... but how wonderful that the 'Yorkshire Dales' are still in tact!!!
You inspire me, Joan xox
lovely website to visit joan, keep up the good work.
look forward to your next walk. the photos are stunning.
wish i was with you.
Beautyful Joan , I too loved the dolly, sat on top of the signpost showing the way , lovely touch.
I thought that the pictures were excellent and showed just how lovely the Dales are.
Excellent photographs. Makes me want to view our picturesque countryside more myself........... :>)
A rucksack dolly yokel wanders in Yockenthwaite.
Lovely photographs! These bring back happy memories of our walking days in the Dales.